Lil Buddy


It’s gonna get wild! The LIL’BUDDY is our homage to the crazy bicycles and minibikes of the seventies, that were widely popular due to their extreme level of fun.
Get close to this bike, its your best friend, homie and bro – all in one! It does not judge you, no matter if you take it offroad, to the urban city or on a date. Where ever you go, the Lil’Buddy will stick to your side and make sure you will never forget your ride.

For the development of this bike, we have partnered up with no other than Aaron Bethlenfalvy. Aaron has been designing bicycles since 1994 and was the former Global Vice President of Design for brands like GT, Cannondale, Schwinn, Nirve, Felt and Mongoose.

“After 25 yrs of designing bicycles, I can finally say I’ve designed the bike that I want. I’ve spent the past 10 months developing the Lil’ Buddy with Ruff Cycles and can’t say that a single day seemed like “work“ and has truly been one of the highlights of my long bicycle design career. The Lil’ Buddy redefines fun and the journey taken to develop it did as well. The opportunity to create a modern version of the minibike I wanted as a child for a company that embraces non-competitive cycling culture as its core value has been more fun that I could begin to express.
The Lil’Buddy takes fun to an all new level. I can’t wait to get one!”

Equipped with a BOSCH Active Line – drive unit, SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes and a SHIMANO 7-speed derailleur, the Lil’Buddy is all set for any of your adventures. We will offer a wide range of accessories for the Lil’Buddy, such as Supernova lights, fender sets and frame bags. The 300 Wh battery of Bosch offers a reach of 30 – 100 km and only needs 2,5 hours to be fully charged.

The LIL’BUDDY will, just as The Ruffians, be assembled in our own production in Regensburg, Germany. The frames are being hand welded in the own frame manufactory in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lil’Buddy eBike in Azureblue

Lil’Buddy eBike in Silvergray

Lil’Buddy eBike in Anthracite

Lil Buddy in Anthracite

Lil’Buddy eBike in Orange

Lil’Buddy eBike in Pearlwhite


The Active Line is the drive for anyone who places great value on an elegant appearance. Due to its compact size, the Drive Unit can be integrated optimally into the bicycle frame. Its reduced weight and low centre of gravity provide for safe handling. Without any disturbing extraneous noises, you can experience pure riding enjoyment with gentle support up to 25 km/h. And anyone who wants to go faster will benefit from minimal pedal resistance above 25 km/h. The Active Line is also available with a backpedal function.


The most powerful drive from Bosch for ambitious riders is particularly lightweight, compact and is extremely powerful and efficient. The new Performance Line CX (MY20) accelerates extremely powerfully, responds without delay and features convincing agile handling and even more control. With up to 340% of perfectly delivered support and dynamic responsiveness, it pushes the joy of eMountain biking to the next level. That's what we call: double the fun


The PowerPack 300 provides reliable and long-lasting energy storage without memory effect and with minimal self-discharge. Frame batteries are constructed so that the PowerPack sits close to the centre of your eBike, which provides greater stability. The rack battery variant is used for wheels with a low entry point. Regardless of where the battery is mounted, it can be easily removed and charged at the nearest power socket. The PowerPack 300 is included as a frame or rack battery for all product lines. As a rack battery, PowerPack 300 is available only in combination with Active Line and Active Line Plus.


Design meets functionality: Purion is the minimalist on-board computer for everyone wishing to have a neat look on the handle bar, be it for use in the city or the countryside. You get all important information conveniently at the touch of a button during the ride, with both hands remaining on the handle bar. Five different riding modes give you the individually correct support in every situation.

eBike Frame
RN Frameworks Steel w/ Powdercoating
Handle Bar
BMX Bar - Black
Lil Buddy Fork
Drive Unit
Bosch Active Line with 40Nm
300 Wh Bosch PowerPack
Max. Speed
25 km/h
Rear Light
Supernova N-TK2-BLK-OE (Optional)
Front Light
Supernova V521S-MBLK-BC1400 (Optional)
Shimano Altus Hydraulic
Shifting System
Shimano Altus 7-Gear
Double-Walled Aluminum 20“ 100mm
Kenda Krusade Sport 20" x 4.0
25 kg
165 x 75 x 110 cm
Silvergrey and Azureblue


Supernova Light Set

Equipped with the waterproof Supernova V521S front light, it will brighten up your adventures with a high performance LE, a Terraflux 3 lens and a timeless design.
For the rear, we have chosen the Supernova E3 tail light 2. It’s twin beam technology offers an extremely bright power beam towards the back, as well as wide side beams with an angle of 250°.


This simple and highly effective mudguard-set is a great accessory for riders who want to also ride the Lil’Buddy on not-so-dry roads. It does not only keep mud out of your face, it also looks awesome.
It is easy to install and durable. Cable ties for the assembly are included.